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Dear Sirs/ Madams,

In recent years, Vietnam  is known as a mighty outsourcing powerhouse in the Asia-Pacific in both segments of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). A report by Gartner in February 2016, “Evaluate Offshore/ Nearshore Countries for Outsourcing, Shared service and Captives in Asia/ Pacific, 2016”, says Vietnam is one of 6 primary locations for global delivery country destinations in APAC region. As stressed on  reports by Tholons (2009-2016), Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi were listed in Top 20 leading outsourcing destinations in the world. Also, according to BPO & Shared Service Location Index 2016 by Cushman & Wakefield (C&W), Vietnam was continuously ranked No. 1 among the pioneering destinations in term of attractiveness, the first time is in 2015. In 2017, Vietnam rose by five places in the Global Services Location Index – GSLI, a ranking of software outsourcing services from consulting firm A.T. Kearney (moves into 6th this year from 11th place in the 2016 GSLI).

Besides that, Quang Trung Software City in HCM City is ranked #3 out of eight software parks in Asia evaluated by KPMG Vietnam based on indicators such as occupancy rate, quality of supporting services and onsite infrastructure. KPMG Vietnam compiled another report based on a tenant-centered analysis, and QTSC was standing #4 in the list, which took into accounts the attractiveness for foreign investors, the number of companies located in the park, the quality of human resources and other factors. These facts and data inarguably generate powerful attraction and expose strong backgrounds for any IT entrepreneurs who want to do business effectively in Vietnam.

Despite these impressive achievements, the scale of ITO/BPO in Vietnam is still moderate. Vietnam ITO/BPO brand promotion has not been systematically and globally promoted. Many Vietnam ITO/BPO companies are still struggling to approach new markets and new customers. In order to promote Vietnam as an attractive destination for ITO/BPO, while expanding the search range for potential clients and partners for ITO/BPO enterprises, in October 2015, Vietnam Information Technology Outsourcing Conference 2015 – VNITO 2015, the biggest bi-annual conference in ITO/BPO in Vietnam, was organized in Ho Chi Minh City and its success went beyond expectations of the Organizing Committee and more than 300 local and international delegates at the conference.

Moving forward, to promote and develop Vietnam ITO/BPO sector, gather Vietnam software outsourcing enterprises, create an effective bridge between the ITO/BPO community and the government, the VNITO 2015 Organizing Committee and the Software Outsourcing Club (SOC) have decided to merge and establish the new body “Vietnam Information Technology Outsourcing Alliance”, short form as “VNITO Alliance”.

VNITO Alliance is being operated in terms of voluntary basis via a Board of Directors (BOD), a President, and other members of the participating enterprises. The Honorary President is Mr. Lam Nguyen Hai Long, CEO of Quang Trung Software City (QTSC). 

In 2017 and 2019, VNITO Alliance with QTSC and ITPC (Investment and Trade Promotion Centre of HCM City) co-organized the second and third Vietnam ITO Conference, gathering over 500 delegates from 20 countries and territories, as well as representatives from several leading IT companies. VNITO also annually organizes foreign promotion tours to the U.S., Japan and other markets such as New Zealand, Singapore and Europe as well as hosts several periodic workshops to build up Vietnam IT community. VNITO Alliance is planned to become the No.1 delivery destination for the global partners who are in search of software outsourcing offshore/nearshore services. More detailed events and news are available on our website: www.vnito.org

In the early of 2020, VNITO BOD had a general meeting reviewing our activities of the past years and setting goals for the years ahead. They agreed that: (1) Digital technology has become a powerful trend not in Vietnam but in all over the world; (2) Integration and diversification of services have been becoming trendy in a large scale. A huge number of IT service providers haven’t limited themselves in only IT outsourcing (ITO). In order to help VNITO members to stay up on and ahead of the digitalization trend for better accommodating your business locally and internationally, as well as extending cooperation, orchestrating the digital transformation, and creating higher values, the BOD decided to adjustment of the official name of the Alliance and extend the scope of membership and welcome new members from enterprises and organizations in Vietnam those operate in business fields fully or partially related to IT and digital technology services. (See more here)

The BOD has been currently including 20 leaders from QTSC, Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA), DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM, Hitachi Vantara Vietnam (Global CyberSoft Vietnam), TMA Solutions, Nashtech Vietnam, LogiGear Vietnam, KMS Technology, LARION, IMT Solutions, Kyanon Digital, Luxoft Vietnam, Success Software Services, Savvycom, NTQ Solution, Beesight Soft, Xoontec, Sharework, Cantho University Software Center (CUSC) and GITS Group. The VNITO Alliance’s target is including 500 enterprise members by the end of 2022.

VNITO Alliance has also signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with many international association, such as: JASIPA, SHONAN, FISA, ISCO (Japan); Silicon Valley Forum – SVF, Vietnam IT Development Group – VIDG (USA); KTNET, Korea IT Cooperation Center – KICC HCMC (Korea) as well as has connection with others partners in the world.

With the aim to build up a strong, cohesive and supportive alliance as well as to offer more benefits for not only the participating members, but also for Vietnam IT as a whole, the BOD of VNITO Alliance does hereby sincerely invite all IT and digital technology companies, organizations to participate in the alliance, with the detailed information as follows:

  • Participants: Enterprises and organizations operating in the field of or related to IT and digital technology services
  • Main activities of VNITO Alliance include:
    • Advertising & promoting IT sector in Vietnam and abroad
    • Sharing knowledge through seminars/workshops, tech talks, and training courses
    • Develop, connect, and collaborate IT community
    • Build and maintain good rapport with Vietnam government and international organizations
  • Annual fee: no fee
  • Benefits:
    • To be published and updated (of your company information) on the biggest Vietnam ITO/BPO Directory www.vietnamitodirectory.com
    • To be promoted in all VNITO alliance channels
    • To be informed and invited to all events organized by VNITO Alliance

For signing-up, please download VNITO-Registration-Form, fill in your company’s information then send to VNITO Office via the email: contact@vnito.org or contact Ms. Tam Pham, HP 08888.77.584 for further guide.

Sincerely Yours,

On behalf of VNITO Alliance

Honorary President


Lam Nguyen Hai Long