HOCHIMINH City 28th Oct 2016, with the strong support and facilitation of Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), Vietnam Information Technology Outsourcing Alliance (VNITO) and the non-profit Japan Information Service Innovation Partners Association (JASIPA) did engage in a partnership via the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), adhered by a business matching event right at the ground for their enterprise delegates to explore and materialize potential trade and business opportunities.

According to the Japan Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), Vietnam has been the second largest partner of Japan since 2012 and been “the most favorable partner” to Japanese companies. Japan is now becoming one of the primary markets and key counterparts in Vietnam’s ITO industry with hundreds of enterprises mutually engaged in the existing partnership. In reality, the needs and perspectives for cooperation is still very large and yet best exploited. The search for vendors and customers remains a critical challenge to the enterprises of both sides.

One of JASIPA’s aims is to seek cooperation opportunities and accelerate business growth for its SME members through offshore partnering and outsourcing. This objective is in sheer alignment with the objective of VNITO Alliance: promoting business and trade relations for Vietnam ITO companies. It is the background and purpose of the MOU signing between the two organizations.

The President of VNITO Alliance, Mr. Lam Nguyen Hai Long, articulated about the new cooperation: “This agreement is to pave the path and terms for business cooperation, enhance the strengths of both sides towards a sustainable development of all members based on the three focuses: a) Both sides agreed to develop necessary systems, enlarge business networks and services of each side’s members, as well as promoting for trade activities in Japan and Vietnam, or in a third marketplace, b) Support and promote technology exchanges, human resource sourcing, and educational exchange programs, c) Co-organize promotional events in both countries or in a third country.”

Being a Vietnam’s leading organization in ITO/BPO industry with hundreds of IT corporate members, including the largest IT companies whose talent pools consist of thousands of engineers from north to south of Vietnam, VNITO Alliance is promisingly a productive partner of JASIPA in particular, and other international associations in general, in making demands and benefits from both ends meet.

In the position of a VNITO’s member, Mr. Mai Hoai An, Chairman of IMT Solutions, Vice President of VNITO Alliance, said: “It is obviously seen that this cooperation would become crucial and beneficial to the enterprises of both sides. Compared to self-PR and single promotion, this bilateral collaboration helps to reduce a good amount of effort and finance for the enterprises. A Vietnamese company travelling to Japan to market its products/services on its own will have to face more difficulties than utilizing synergized strength of the alliance, and become especially advantageous when having a great support by JASIPA Japan.”

Also in the signing ceremony, a business matching event was organized for more than 20 IT enterprises coming from both sides. The goal of the delegation from Japan is to gain a realistic understanding of Vietnam IT market, seek and meet potential partners, promote collaboration and business development. Most of these companies have not worked with Vietnamese partners before and are looking forward to partnering with them in ITO/BPO and system integration. Similarly, this is also a great opportunity for Vietnamese IT enterprises to affiliate, cooperate, and develop business prospects with their Japanese counterparts.


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About VNITO Alliance

VNITO Alliance is a non-profit organization, founded by a group of IT companies including Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), HCM Computer Association (HCA) and 10 leading IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam. VNITO Alliance aims to connect enterprises in the ITO/BPO sector in Vietnam, promote and develop Vietnam ITO/BPO brand, share knowledge, grow human resources and establish a bridge with international organizations and governments. At present, VNITO Alliance’s population is exceeding 100 members from all over Vietnam. Website:


The NPO JASIPA is a non-profit organization in Tokyo, Japan with more than 100 Japanese SME members. Their goal is to support the IT promotion of SME for co-existence and co-prosperity of the member companies. Website:

About Quang Trung Software City (QTSC)

QTSC is the largest software park in Vietnam and the very first of its kind that was recognized as a “Standardized IT Park” by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam. After more than 15 years from the commencement and development, QTSC has become an attractive arrival for a good variety of investors in IT industry. To date, QTSC has more than 140 IT companies (49 local and 91 foreign companies) providing jobs and study facilities for 20,000 software engineering professionals and students. Website:

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