[FREE] Invitation to exhibit in Global Innovation Forum (GIF) Osaka 2021

Global Innovation Forum (GIF) Osaka 2021

Event outline


Invitation to the exhibitor:

We would like to invite the exhibitors of startups/innovative businesses that are seeking business opportunities in Osaka to Global Innovation Forum (GIF) Osaka 2021. You can find new business opportunities in Osaka!

Please check the event and service outline below, and apply for exhibitor slot.

Deadline of Application 20th JUNE, 2021


Outline: More than 30 innovative startups and businesses from more than 10 countries exhibit in GIF Osaka 2021.

The participating exhibitors can promote their products and services to a wide range of Japanese companies who are very keen to collaborate with global innovative businesses!


Date: GIF Event Week: 26th – 29th OCT, 2021

Programs include Pitch event / Keynote Speech / Conference on innovation related topics / etc.)

GIF Business Meetings: End of Nov, 2021

Pre-arranged online business meeting between exhibitors and Japanese companies including CVCs, VC, Distributors, and any kind of potential partners for exhibitors.


Platform: We will launch and operate the website ”GIF Osaka 2021 ONLINE”.

(You can see the website in 2020 by accessing; https://gif.osaka.cci.or.jp/en/

Exhibitors can show their technology/service demo movies on GIF2021 ONLINE, and their potential partners will visit it and apply for online business meetings.


Target sectors:  (1) Smart City (2) Digital Transformation (3) Decarbonization (4) Food-Tech/Agri-Tech (5) Health-tech (6) Robotics (7) Others


Conditions and Service:   

(1) OCCI provides Individual Advisory to the exhibitors according to exhibitors needs or request for free for the purpose of effective business expansion into Japan.

Ex) Marketing, Legal matter, potential partners suggestion, strategic suggestion for partnership, alliance, etc

(2) OCCI arranges interpreter/translator for exhibitors’ demo movie & business outline briefing on GIF ONLINE, LIVE pitches and GIF business meetings for free.

(3) Exhibitors are requested to make the demo movies briefing their technologies / services in English for GIF ONLINE website.

(4) Exhibitors need to take the stage of the LIVE Pitch Program during the GIF Event Week in English.


Application: Application form for exhibitor is available with following URL.


It is also available with the QR code on the right.

Japanese applicant can use Japanese to fill the form.

Applicants are judged and selected by OCCI, and will be informed the results.


Deadline for application:     June 20th (Thu), 2021


Participation fee:  Free


Schedule: End of July, 2021

Exhibitors judged by OCCI are confirmed.

* Confirmed exhibitors will be requested to prepare Company Logo, Demonstration Movie, Image pictures of their product.

* OCCI will add on Japanese translated subtitles on Exhibitors’ demonstration movie.

Early September, 2021: Website of GIF ONLINE 2021 will be launched

26th Oct, 2021           Online Orientation

27th -29th Oct, 2021     GIF Event Week(LIVE Pitches)

End of Nov, 2021       GIF Online Business Meetings


GIF Online Business Meeting(End of Nov):

Japanese viewers apply for the business meetings through GIF Online website. As we arrange the English-Japanese interpreter for the exhibitors and meeting applicants, OCCI will host and manage the ZOOM meeting and schedule.

*If you do not need an interpreter, please let us know.

 Outline of GIF2021 GIF 2  GIF 1
*ONLINE Platform for GIF2021 *Demo and pitch movies with Japanese subtitles

Sponsored by:Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC)


Cosponsored by: (tentative)

Osaka Business Development Agency (OBDA)

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Xport an Urban Open Innovation Lab

Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH)

Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Osaka International Business Promotion Center International Affairs Department (IBPC Osaka)


Supported by             

The Foundation for International Trade and Industrial Cooperation (ITIC)

Osaka Startup Ecosystem Promotion Committee

(Osaka Business Development Agency / Osaka Prefectural Government / Osaka City Government / Sakai City Government / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau / Kansai Economic Federation / Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Kansai Association of Corporate Executives)

Industrial Scholarship Center (ISC)

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.,

Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp

Israel Innovation Authority

US Consulate General

Canadian Consulate

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency

Embassy of Italy Trade Promotion Section

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The French Chamber of Commerce

Québec Government Office in Tokyo



Mr. Kentaro Nagao, Manager, International Division

E-mail:  nagao@osaka.cci.or.jp

Ms. Kana Tatebayashi, Assistant Manager, International Division

E-mail:  ka-tatebayashi@osaka.cci.or.jp

Ms. Risa Takeshima, Assistant Manager, International Division

E-mail:  ri-takeshima@osaka.cci.or.jp

or any OCCI staff you have been in contact with regarding GIF2021.


Tel. +81-(0)6-6944-6400   Fax: +81-(0)6-6944-6293

2-8, Hommachi-bashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan 540-0029


Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe cities selected as the ‘Global Startup City’

On July 14th, 2020, the Japanese Government selected four urban areas centered around Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka as “Global Startup Cities” based on the “Strategies for the Creation of a Startup Ecosystem.”  Osaka City applied as the Keihanshin area which is a metropolitan area made up of Osaka City, Kyoto City as well as Kobe City in Hyogo Prefecture.  “Global Startup Cities” are selected based on plans for creating a startup city, drawn up by the consortiums formed by the local governments, universities and economic organizations of the cities where many startups and supporters are located. Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka City, Sakai City, economic organizations and Osaka Business Development Agency (OBDA) established the “Osaka Startup Ecosystem Consortium” in October, 2019 and has been contributing to Osaka’s strategies for building a startup city.  Osaka is going to enhance the startup city in various ways, such as providing startup development programs, promoting foreign investments, and accelerating the use of the startup support budget.


About the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI)


The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) is the second largest chamber in Japan, following Tokyo Chamber of Commerce.  OCCI was founded in August 1878, and is a comprehensive regional economic organization with membership consisting of all voluntary members.  OCCI has 5 branches in Osaka City, and has a membership of 30,171 members (as of March, 2020).

OCCI is promoting open innovation between Japanese companies and overseas / domestic startups; especially in the fields of AI, IoT, digital health, VR / AR, mobility, etc.  Since 2019, we have held ”Global Innovation Forum in Osaka (GIF)” in which advanced startups from all over the world gathers in Osaka.  Unlike conventional forums, demonstrations to actually experience the latest technology, pitches, and individual business meetings are also organized.


About Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC)


Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC) was established in April 2001 by the Osaka Prefectural Government, the Osaka City Government, and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a joint initiative. As your one-stop service center for business investing, O-BIC provides prospective foreign investors with a comprehensive yet detailed support system. International companies, foreign government offices and economic organizations as well as foreign-capitalized companies located in Japan are invited to use the center to obtain accurate information and essential advice for entering the Osaka market.




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