TMA Solutions and KPMG Launching Innovation as a Service for the first time in Vietnam


We are in the post COVID period when the market is changing and companies can only survive and succeed by innovating. Understanding the enterprises’ challenges, the KPMG & TMA alliance has launched Innovation as a Service, which helps companies to solve their challenges by applying the latest technologies to create innovative products and services, and to be more competitive.

TMA already has experience in global innovation with leading tech companies. This has enabled TMA to learn not only the latest technologies, especially industry 4.0 technologies, but also the innovation process from ideas to prototype to product development and deployment. We want to apply these technologies and best practices to support Vietnamese companies in innovation by applying the latest tech and methods to build creative products and solutions to increase the competitive advantages for customers in various industries.

Meanwhile, KPMG Vietnam over the past 26 years has developed into the market leader in the field of business & technology consulting. Through combining multiple approaches with deep and practical industry knowledge, KPMG has completed over 20 technology transformation projects within the last 36 months.


Innovation as a Service operates based on co-creation among 3 teams (Client – KPMG – TMA) that work together to analyze challenges and propose innovative solutions to develop prototypes and products. This model also helps to build an innovation team for clients to make innovation become part of their corporate culture and practice.

To support the innovation process from ideas to product, TMA and KPMG have developed a Hackathon platform. This platform enables companies to gather ideas from their community then launch and operate challenges and hackathons on-line with minimum effort and cost. This platform also cultivates an innovation ecosystem, a network of innovative insights and ideas.

Both TMA and KPMG share the vision of bringing global innovation practices to Vietnam. By combining KPMG consulting and domain knowledge with TMA’s technology, we have a very strong capability to offer Innovation as a Service in Vietnam enterprises.


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